Club Valley Dropt is a sports association aimed at the promotion and development of Canoeing activity.

Our activities focus on three major areas:

_ The animation of the territory
_ The sport
_ Usability
The animation of the territory: the only sport to use River Dropt, we are helping to support the Valley Dropt using Transport “Green” to discover the heritage, nature and the environment of our Site.

We welcome individuals and groups during the summer season for rides in total autonomy or accompanied. Initially Allemans du Dropt, the Canoe-Kayak takes you to the discovery of this nature insoupsonnée …

With a high daily or weekly activity, we welcome in our water sports, children and adults at meetings of discovery and development, and participation in social and community life in our rural communities.

The educational aspect of our business is one of the essential values ​​we stand: Promote the spirit of responsibility, Listening to everyone, respect the environment.

Sports Practice:
The Canoeing is a great tool to discover the ecosystem and heritage, an escape worn by thrills and chills and communion with water. It is also a sport in its own right or everyone finds his place through the different environment that composes: La Mer, the Living Water and Water Calm.

Although enjoying a remarkable calm water site, Club Valley Dropt likes to explore the range of possibilities. Thus, throughout the year, for example, brings its members to discover the joy of surfing on the tidal bore of the Dordogne in a sunrise September sun to “load” of adrenaline during a sporting descent of a Pyrenean Gave Rafting in to slide under the Cathar castles of Perigord …

Several times a week, practitioners have the opportunity to learn, to discover, to grow in order to practice the discipline they wish. Some are training to excel and achieve the emotions of competition, others want to make progress towards becoming self safely at River runs.

CKC Valley Dropt is a fervent advocate of multi-activity, and you will practice at leisure in the white water structure disciplines like Downhill, Slalom, Freestyle, High River … but also disciplines calm water as Race Online, Walk or our team sport: Kayak Polo. Our proximity to the ocean gives us the opportunity to make the “Kayak Surf” which we call “wave ski” or the Sea Kayak, discovering for example, the bird island on the Bay of Arcachon.


This is the key pillar of our association. The Canoeing is an individual sport that is practiced in team. We like to maintain the unique atmosphere of our business through leisure trips of several days or day and even at night! Snacks for youth, food, grilled meats, appetizers decorate everyday and help team bonding.

Our strength is adapting to all age groups by the multitude of enplaned we offer ..